How to install Outline VPN on Debian 9 with updatable Watchtower

Outline servers automatically update with the latest security improvements so that you are always running the latest Outline technology. The automated update process is enabled by using Watchtower, an open-source library that regularly checks and updates the docker image containing the Outline software. 1. Install and Debian 9 on the VPS 1-1. Setting up the SSH …

How to enable the mosh for the connection between the host and server.

1. The installation install mosh for the host and server mosh yourhostname@ip 2. The problems that I met 1. not correctly setup the LOCALE environment var (The host is mac os) # sudo vim ~/.bash_profile add the fellowing line

2. mosh: Nothing received from server on UDP port 60002. (8 s without contact.) 1. …

How to enable the VPS by one step

VPS : debian 8.7 set date of the VPS secure the server — fellowing the Linode-How to Secure Your Server install the Shadowsocks-python by one stop –fellowing the  Shadowsocks 一键安装脚本(四合一) configure the configuration by the https://github.com/iMeiji/shadowsocks_install/wiki/shadowsocks-Python-%E4%B8%80%E9%94%AE%E5%AE%89%E8%A3%85

how enable the shadowsocks on the linode

Machine setting ubuntu 16.04.2 on the linode ssh enabled Enabling the shaowsocks Installation

after the last steep, we can need to set up 1. password 2. port (choose the port from 1to 65535) 3. the method of Encryption 4. after installation we can see the script as bellow:


Edit the configuration …