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The Knowledge about Vim

1. The models of Vim normal mode insert mode visual mode replace mode select mode 1.1 How to switch between models normal mode —– press i —–> insert mode normal mode —– press v —–> visual mode insert mode —– press esc —–> normal mode visual mode —– press esc —–> normal mode normal mode …

PGP encryption

1. The difference between traditional encryption and asymmetric encryption 1-1. Traditional encryption With the same key to encrypt and decrypt 1-2. Asymmetric encryption Creating a Public key and a Private key. The Public key could be shared with others. The private key must be kept by the owner. The Public key will Encrypt the context. …

How to run Xilinx vivaldo and model_composer and docnav

1. Installation sudo ./xsetup 2. Run vivaldo and model_composer sudo vim ~/.bashrc at the end of the file, copy “source /tools/Xilinx/Vivado/2018.3/settings64.sh” and “source /tools/Xilinx/Model_Composer/2018.3/settings64.sh” source ~/.bashrc At anywhere you need, right click the mouser, open in termianl, type “vivaldo” or “model_composer” 3. run DocNav cd /tools/Xilinx/DocNav sudo ./docnav

How to install Outline VPN on Debian 9 with updatable Watchtower

Outline servers automatically update with the latest security improvements so that you are always running the latest Outline technology. The automated update process is enabled by using Watchtower, an open-source library that regularly checks and updates the docker image containing the Outline software. 1. Install and Debian 9 on the VPS 1-1. Setting up the SSH …