How to install Outline VPN on Debian 9 with updatable Watchtower

Outline servers automatically update with the latest security improvements so that you are always running the latest Outline technology. The automated update process is enabled by using Watchtower, an open-source library that regularly checks and updates the docker image containing the Outline software.

1. Install and Debian 9 on the VPS

1-1. Setting up the SSH

1-2. Setting up debian 9

  1. Initial Server Setup with Debian 9
  2. 2.  In oder to install sudo, please check the details about setting up debian8
  3. Don’t enable the firewall according to the guide. It will block the connection with the Outline

2. Install Docker

  1. Get Docker CE for Debian
  2. sudo su
  3. systemctl status docker

3. Install Outline VPN

  1. $ wget -qO- | bash
  2. systemctl status docker
  3. save the {“apiUrl”: “https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,”certSha256″: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”}

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