How to enlarge the /boot space on the ubuntu_16.04_mate for Raspberry Pi

I am using the Raspberry pi with 16G microSD card. But the /boot space was only 64Mb. Enlarging the boot space is necessary.

1. Tools

  1. Raspberry pi 3 b
  2. 2 microSD card with ubuntu_16.04_mate installed
  3. microSD card reader
  4. The card running ubuntu: C1
  5. The card to be enlarged: C2

2. On C1, install the Gparted

  1. sudo apt-get install -y gparted
  2. sudo gparted

3. On C2, enlarge the /boot

  1. Unmount the PI_BOOT
  2. Unmount the PI_ROOT
  3. Resize the /ROOT to get unallocated space
  4. Delte the PI_/BOOT space
  5. Create the space

    Create as: Primary Partition

    File system: fat32

    Label: PI_BOOT

  6. Copy the boot file from C1 to C2

  7. sudo su

  8. cd /
  9. sudo cp -r boot/*.* /media/test/PI_BOOT
  10. reboot

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