How to install the blackarch Linux on w530

  1. insert the bootable usb in the usb2.0 port (don’t use the usb3.0)
  2. boot from the live ISO.
  3. run terminal
  4. Select label type: dos
  5. 500M /dev/sda1 as BISO boot (set as “Primary”, “bootable” )
    16G /dev/sda2 as Linux swap (set as “Linux swap, solaris”)
    16G /dev/sda3 as Linux root (x86-64)
  6. Before you quit cfdisk you must save this partition table. Go to Write and press enter. It will ask you to confirm your changes. Write yes and press enter and you may now quit.
  7. Full encrypted root [y/n]: y
  8. Boot FS type (ext2, ext3, ext4, btrfs, fat32): ext4
  9. Root partition(/dev/sdXY): /dev/sda3 :ext4
  10. Swap parition (/dev/sdXY):/dev/sda2

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