Tips about the Libreoffice

  1. How to change the format of the cells together
    choose the cells –> Format –>Cleaning Direct formating
  2. how to delete the last blank of the content of the cells
    =TRIM(A1) –> copy –> past “unformatted text” in a new column.
  3. how to sprite the Chinese and English in a cell into 2 cells
    3.1 e.g : A1: alternating series 交错级数 –> B1 :

    =RIGHT(A1,LENB(A1)-LEN(A1)) –> C1: =LEFT(A1,LEN(A1)*2-LENB(A1))
    3.2 e.g : A1:交错级数 alternating series –> B1 : =LEFT(A1,LENB(A1)-LEN(A1)) –> =RIGHT(A1,LEN(A1)*2-LENB(A1))

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