How to enable the vps for linode

the operating system of server in the Linode: Ubuntu 16.04.2

setting the operating system in the Linode

  1. sing up -> Select a Linode plan and data center location

  2. Lindoe -> Lindoes -> Dashboard -> Deploy an Image -> set up everything ->Deploy

  3. Lindoe -> Lindoes -> Dashboard -> choose the operating system -> click the “boot” button

  4. Lindoe -> Lindoes -> Remote Access -> wirte down the number of “Public IPs” and “SSH Access”
    (Note: the ip is the 4 numbers with 3 dots. e.g aaa.bbb.ccc.dd )

  5. open the terminal

(Note:If you recently rebuilt an existing Linode, you might receive an error message when you try to reconnect via SSH. SSH clients try to match the remote host with the known keys on your desktop computer, so when you rebuild your Linode, the remote host key changes.To reconnect via SSH, revoke the key for that IP address.For Linux and Mac OS X: $ ssh-keygen -R aaa.bbb.ccc.dd)

Setting up the Hostname and Timezone

Setting the Timezone

Setting the Hostname

(Note: replace the hostname with the name you need)

Lindoes -> Dashboard -> reboot -> open the terminal

Securing Your Server

  1. go to the
  2. fellowing the instruction until the “SSH Daemon Options”.
  3. Disallow root logins over SSH and Disable SSH password authentication

Run Graphic Software on Your Linode with X-Forwarding on ubuntu 16.04.2

go to

fellow the instruction until the “Secure your VNC connection”

connect to the vps

run the vncserver

(This will start the vncserver with the default resolution set to 1280×1024. You can alter this by simply changing those values in the command. The “-dpi 96” directive will ensure a higher quality image for the vncserver. )

How to enable another computer connect to the vncserver by SSH, then you should fellow the fellowing instruction (in my situation, I am using the debian 9)

install ssh on the computer

Download and install the RealVNC


id_rsa and to the ~/.ssh/

run the command

(Because the It is required that your private key files are NOT accessible by others. you must change the property to read-only. )

(replace with your username and your Linode’s hostname or IP address:)

Enter passphrase for key

open the VNC Viewer

file -> New connection -> VNC Server: “localhost:1” -> ok -> input the password for the vncserver

Then you can log in the same vncserver from 2 computers.

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