How to Compile and Install Software from Source Code on Linux

1. Download the zipped file

1. wget (support the HTTP and FTP protocols)

1. Invoking

2. download the from the website directly

2. unpack the tarball

2. Install the website

1. read document

The documentation provides information about the software, changes since last version, links to more documentation, information regrading the author of the software, steps for compilation and installation of software etc.

2. Configuration

Most of the packages come along with a configuration script that can be used for configuring the environment. The file name for configuration file is mostly ‘configure’. This script usually accepts parameters that can be used to control some features of this software. Also this script makes sure that all the tools required for compilation are present in the system.

1. To learn about the options provided by a specific configuration file, run the following command:

2. start configuring the build environment, execute the following command :

The above command will check and/or create the build environment and if everything goes fine then it produces a file called ‘makefile’. The file ‘makefile’ is used in the compilation of the software.

2. Compilation

Once the makefile is generated, then in the same directory just run the following command:

The above command will compile all the source code related to the software. If compilation encounters some problem then error is thrown on the console.

3. Installation

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